The High Performance Sales Journey (Coming Soon) provides a blueprint to help you design, implement and manage top-performing sales teams.

Download Chapter Seven today to learn why — and how — establishing a sales playbook will help motivate and galvanize your organization and teams and help propel you to success.

Are you tired of being sucked into time-wasting get-togethers masquerading as meetings? Feel like a prisoner waiting to get out of jail? Read this no-nonsense guide to taking charge and leading successful meetings.

Presented May 25, 2011 in Chicago at the Senior Sales Executive Conference

Driving collaboration and effective change initiatives

Nothing you do happens in a silo; your sales ops organization oversees initiatives and projects requiring you to harness buy-in from multiple stakeholders. It’s key to inspire everyone impacted by pending changes to embrace a common goal and vision to ensure the project’s success. In this session, Ken shares his tips and tricks for driving transformative change.

Use my template if you want to spend less time tinkering with PowerPoint and more time developing your ideas and preparing a high-impact message. This slide library includes all the slides to help you plan initiatives and drive change.

Each week, I work with the Cubicle Ninjas design firm to create and publish a template on my blog that makes it easier for you to communicate your ideas. This is the 10-part series on timelines.

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